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AEG Guns

1. Barrel

The inner and outer Barrel of the AEG Airsoft Rifle Gun is designed to assist in shooting straighter longer distances with your AEG Airsoft Gun. Our Barrels are perfect for tighter grouping and more accurate shooting. You will not only increase accuracy, but power, range and FPS. Choose the Barrel to suit your Airsoft Gun best and give it the right look.

2. Rail Interface System (RIS)

These replacement RIS airsoft Rail Interface Systems will improve the functioning and accuracy of your Rifle. Once you add or replace your Rail System, you have the option to add other attachments. Choose from RIS Airsoft Rail Interface's with Hand Grips for better control. The Rail Interface System allows for such add-ons such as scopes, silencers, lasers, etc.

3. Metal Body

The AEG's Metal Body is the largest external feature of the Airsoft Gun. It is a major part of your AEG Airsoft Gun and acts as the main framework. The Metal body encases and projects your AEG Airsoft Gun's major internal parts. Choose a Metal Body that is made with superior quality. Metal Bodies will add weight and realism to your AEG Airsoft Gun  By replacing your Metal Body, you can train and game more authentically.

4. Stock

Stocks are great for added realism and a more realistic weight. Choose from several different style Stocks including Folding Stocks. With an External Stock, you can get an improved more lifelike looking AEG Airsoft Gun.  Make your AEG Airsoft Gun more custom and get the right appearance and feel for your AEG Airsoft Gun.

5. Magazine

The Magazine on the AEG Airsoft Gun is perfect for extreme realism and a more realistic weight and feel. AEG Airsoft Gun's Magazines come hollow, the BB's are not dispensed from them. Personalize and customize your AEG Airsoft Gun to look completely unique with an AEG Airsoft Gun Magazine.

6. Motor Grips

Motor Grips are designed to contain the AEG Airsoft Gun Motor as well as function as a Grip for ease when pulling the trigger. Motor Grips come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Choose the Motor Grip to best suit you AEG Airsoft Gun, and make it custom and uniquely your own. Get a comfortable and better Motor Grip to perform and game harder and tougher at your next Airsoft game.

7. Motor

Every AEG Airsoft Gun works using a battery-powered motor. The Motor is an internal AEG Airsoft Gun part which is completely vital to the functioning of an AEG Airsoft Gun. The Motor provides the power to move and operate all the internal parts of the AEG Airsoft Gun to propel and shoot out Airsoft Gun BB's. Motors are available for hi-speed or torque for strength. There are several different Motor types to choose among from all the best makers such as Guarder, SHS, etc.

8. Gears

The gears are a very important and vital part of the internal AEG Airsoft Gun. The Gears which are powered by the motor turn inside the AEG Airsoft Gun to move the rest of the internal parts which in turn shoot the Airsoft Gun BB's. Having high quality Gears are all high quality and will improve the performance of your AEG Rifle Airsoft Gun.  We now sell the SHS airsoft gears.

9. Mechbox and Ammo

The Mechbox is the main internal part to your AEG Airsoft Gun which allows all of the internal pieces to fit inside and function properly. All of our Mechbox parts and shells are high quality internal parts. Airsoft Gun BBs come in different weights. Try out different BB's to determine which gives you the best combination of distance and accuracy.

10. Piston and Spring

Very Essential to the internal functioning of an AEG Airsoft Gun are the Piston and Spring. Once the Motor has turned the gears, the gearbox compresses a spring. Once the Spring tension is released, a piston head drives forward, propelling a plastic Airsoft Gun BB through the hoop-up chamber and out of the barrel. The Pistons are guaranteed to seal air into the cylinder. Get great pressure and shooting power with well made Pistons and Springs for your AEG Airsoft Gun.

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