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Airsoft Gas Guns

Airsoft Atlanta offers high quality Gas Guns. We carry many brands in our wide selection of Airsoft Gas Guns. Our gun selection runs on power from sources:  "Green Gas", Propane, or CO2 gases.  Green Gas is available at our store-front, but cannot ship online due to Hazmat regulations.  We sell Propane Adapters, which essentially do the same thing as Green Gas, using standard handheld Coleman small gas canisters.  CO2 canisters can be purchased at any outdoor shop.  Be sure to pickup some 100% pure silicone oil to keep your gas guns in perfect working condition (and lube your magazine seals).

Choose from brands like Tanaka, Marushin, Maruzen, WE-Tech, KJW, KWA, Tokyo Marui, Western Arms and more. We have more choices, so you can get a better Gas Gun!

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KWA H&K HK45 Gas Gun Airsoft Pistol
KWA HECKLER & KOCH HK45 GBB Pistol - Black
Our Price: $164.99
Sale Price: $154.99
You save $10.00!
In Stock
HK UMP 45 Gas Blowback SMG VFC
HK UMP 45 Gas Blowback SMG (VFC)
Our Price: $299.99
In Stock
SOCOM Gear Kel-Tec PLR-16 M4 Pistol
SOCOM Gear Kel-Tec PLR-16 M4 Pistol
Our Price: $199.99
Sale Price: $175.00
You save $24.99!
In Stock
KWA ATP Airsoft Gas Gun
KWA ATP (Adaptive Training Pistol) GBB
Our Price: $129.99
(Out of Stock)
MP7 KWA Airsoft Gas Gun
KWA MP7 Gas Gun (UMAREX H&K Licensed)
Our Price: $254.99
In Stock
MP7 KWA Airsoft Gas Gun in FDE
KWA MP7 Gas Gun (UMAREX H&K Licensed, FDE)
Our Price: $254.99
(Out of Stock)
SIG SAUER P229 Gas Gun Airsoft Metal
Cybergun SIG SAUER P229 Full Metal Gas Gun (KJW OEM) - Black
Our Price: $144.99
(Out of Stock)
PTP M9 KWA Gas Airsoft Pistol
KWA M9 PTP GBB Pistol - Metal Frame and Slide - Black
Our Price: $149.99
In Stock
Our Price: $139.99
In Stock
M9 KWA Gas Airsoft Tactical Pistol
KWA M9 PTP Tactical GBB Pistol - Metal Frame and Slide - Black
Our Price: $164.99
(Out of Stock)
KWA MAC-11 Airsoft Gun
KWA M11 GBB SMG NS2 - Black
Our Price: $139.99
In Stock
Our Price: $189.95
In Stock
KJW SIG SAUER P226 Gas Gun Airsoft
Cybergun SIG SAUER P226 Gas Gun (KJW OEM) - Black
Our Price: $139.99
(Out of Stock)
SIG X-Five P226 Gas Pistol CO2
Cybergun SIG SAUER X-Five P226 Gas Gun (KWC, CO2)
Our Price: $119.99
In Stock
UHC Model 141BR Gas Revolver (Black)
UHC Model 141BR 8-inch Gas Revolver (Black)
Our Price: $39.99
(Out of Stock)


Tanaka offers high quality Gas Guns. Gas powered Airsoft guns are highly popular because the compressed gas can provide a realistic semiautomatic blowback function. Tanaka Gas Guns are very realistic looking, well made and durable. Available in a variety of models. Gas Guns made by Tanaka function great and can always be customized.


Marushin Gas Guns are made with quality for the ultimate gaming experience. Marushin makes great Airsoft Gas Guns that look great. This Brand offers excellent airsoft Gas Guns for WWII Allied players and collectors a like. Choose from a nice selection of Gas Guns by Marushin, and find the model that is best suited for you. You are going to love your Marushin Gas Gun.


Maruzen Gas Guns are a high quality item at a great value. Get amazing performance from Maruzen Airsoft Gas Guns. Get a well made Gas Gun and choose from a nice selection here at Airsoft Atlanta. All of Maruzen's Gas Guns are highly realistic and very durable. With these Gas Guns, you get true high quality and a great deal.

Other Manufacturers

Airsoft Atlanta provides you with a nice set of options when choosing your Gas Gun. Choose from such brands as Cybergun,CAW, ACM, Mad Max and more. All of the Gas Guns's we offer are top quality and perform amazingly. Take your pick among models from Colt Python 4" Gas Revolver, Gas Shotguns and Gas Pistols. You are sure to find the Gas Gun that suites your Airsoft needs best.


Choose from an amazing selection of WE-Tech Gas Guns. These high quality products will bring you many hours of enjoyment. We-Tech provides Airsoft gas guns that ensure domination via awesome firepower & ROF! We provide a nice selection so that you can find your preferred Gas Gun. We-Tech offers amazing performance from their Gas Guns so that you will be fully satisfied.


With KJW you will always get a fine quality product. Kuan Ju Works Gas Guns are great for tough gaming. With a comfortable grip and a perfect weight, these Gas Guns are true to their real life counter parts. Choose from a great selection from Airsoft Atlanta. These KJW Gas Guns function wonderfully and look fantastic. Customization is available.


KWA and KSC are leading Airsoft AEG manufacturers. Offering high quality Airsoft Gas Guns that look very realistic, it is easy to see why they are so popular. With realistic feel and weight,and amazing kick back. Choose from several models now available. KWA and KSC offer Gas Guns with a host of player-minded features. Get your quality KWA/KSC Gas Gun today.

Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui Gas Guns have a reputation for being stable, dependable and hard-wearing. Tokyo Marui produces high quality Gas Guns that are extremely durable. Tokyo Marui's Gas Guns are notable for their detail and accuracy. Choose from a wide selection of Gas Gun models. The Tokyo Marui brand is widely known as Japan's largest and most renowned Airsoft gun manufacturer.

Western Arms

With Western Arms you always get high quality Gas Guns. Play stronger and more competitive with Gas Guns from Western Arms. Western Arms GAs Guns's are very realistic and always function highly. Choose from the great selection offered. These Gas Guns are top notch quality and look fantastic. Gas Guns give you power, range and accuracy for the ultimate in Airsoft gaming.

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