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What is Airsoft all about?

FAQ on what is airsoft - the game; the hobbyWhat is Airsoft Gaming

What is Airsoft you ask? The sport and hobby that encompasses Airsoft was started in Japan back in the 1980s as an alternative to real guns.  What are airsoft guns? The guns shoot soft (aka, air soft pellets) with either propane gas power or electric motors that push air out from a piston system.  The electric variant, know as an AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) is the most common type of gun in the USA.  The airsoft guns use rc car style rechargeable batteries that run the fully automatic guns for thousands of rounds of shooting per charge.  The gas types are generally found in handguns or pistols, but sometimes rifles too. 

At Airsoft Atlanta, you'll find everything you need to get into this wild new hobby and sport!  We have been in business since 2000, supplying the world with top handpicked quality airsoft guns and equipment.  We also have a giant selection of camouflage apparel and tactical gear for use on the airsoft field as well.

There are many games to choose to play when battling in Airsoft. Playing Airsoft with friends is a great bonding experience and is extreme fun. Play exciting strategic airsoft games, ranging from shorter skirmishes to longer day long battles are exciting and great entertainment. Vary up the games, try them all or stick to your favorites, playing Airsoft will always be fun and challenging.

There are many different games to play, pick and choose or even make up your own games or different versions of existing games. Capture the flag is one of the most popular games which consists of dividing players into two teams each guarding their flag while at the same time trying to capture the opposing teams flag and bringing it back to their base. Another very favored Airsoft game is Last Player Standing, which is every man for himself. All players battle in a given time and area until the last player alive wins, this is a very extreme and action packed game to play. Man Hunt is also very challenging, one player becomes the hunted armed with a weapon of their choice like an AEG Guns, while the rest of the players become the hunters. The hunted most reach a specified area within a timeframe without being shot to win. Other fun games include, Prison Escape, Stalkers, Hostage Rescue, King of The Hill and Assassination. Have a ball playing any one of these fun and exciting Airsoft Games at your next Game.

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What is airsoft without cool guns, right? There are many different games to try when you are planning an Airsoft game. Playing Airsoft with friends is a great bonding experience and is extreme fun. Play exciting strategic games such as capture the flag, hostage rescue or last player standing, where everyone battles everyone and the last one left standing wins! Remember to i>play safe and everyone will have fun.

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