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 Welcome to the official Airsoft Atlanta 2017 gift guide edition.  Below is a list of curated products that we suggest you look at for this year that are popular, recommended, high quality (for its cost/value), and highly rated.

 The Valken AEG package deals are an awesome value starting at $149+ which includes all the major essentials.  

For a gun setup package, you will need the following:

  1. AEG Gun - the Valken (and some others) include the battery and charger already in its box.  If not, you will need these as well.  
  2. Battery and charger - the 9.6v 1600 nun-chuck is used for most guns, along with a smart charger.  If you are using a lipo battery, be sure to select the appropriate lipo specific charger.
  3. BB Ammo!  You can't use the gun without ammo - Most new players use .20g or .25g BBs.  We offer biodegradable and non-bio (plastic) white BBs.  We only stock high quality BBs, so any of the brands we stock will work with all guns.
  4. Optional gun accessories:  1-point bungee rifle sling; gun bag case; barrel sock (for safety); spare magazines; extra backup battery.  While not required, these are handy for both safety and accessibility reasons.
  5. Safety is #1 !  Eye protection is not optional.  For gaming purposes, a full seal mask or goggles are required for all airsoft fields.  Shooting glasses are not safe for airsoft (ricochets, angled hits, etc).  Check out eye protection and masks below.  We offer lower mesh masks that can be paired up with sealed eyewear too, which is good.
  6. Sniper rifle - so your son wants an airsoft sniper rifle huh?  They all say that, but we highly recommend an AEG for a first time user.  If he already has one, then a sniper may be a nice secondary rifle.  We have several to choose from that we recommend.

That's about it for the guide!  Browse our products below for what we recommend this year.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  Happy holidays!


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