0.20g GoldenBall 4000 BBs (White)



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The 0.20g GoldenBall 4000 Airsoft BBs (White) - Our most popular selling BB bag! Not sure what type of BB you need? Grab a bag of these beauties and you're good to go. These are excellent for most airsoft guns, AEGs, etc. We highly recommend the Goldenball .20 we have here.

Our authentic brand GoldenBall BBs are produced in China at the Ningo factory. These new comers are of surprisingly good quality for the price. Each BB has an high polish, high tolerance finish making them perfect for use in all AEGs, spring guns, and gas guns. The quality of these .20 BBs also makes them a good choice for use in tightbore and other high tolerance barrels. Players recommend combining these BBs with black ones of similar weight for a cool daytime tracer effect. .20 gram weight for lots of raw firepower on the battlefield! A great BB to start off with or for players that want the best bang-for-buck ammo. Golden Ball is great for all AEGs!

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