0.20g GoldenBall Tracer 2000 BBs



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0.20g GoldenBall Tracer 2000 BBs - glow in the dark with a tracer unit - perfect airsoft ammo for night time use.
A relatively new arrival to the airsoft arena, GoldenBall BBs are produced out of China. These new comers are of surprisingly good quality for the price. Each BB has an high polish, high tolerance finish making them perfect for use in all AEGs, spring guns, and gas guns. These airsoft BBs will glow green for only a short period of time after being exposed to a bright light source. Product comes in a bulk size 2000 count bag. Mix with other color BBs for real tracer action at night time. Players recommend getting an external tracer unit so that you can use these BBs with all your guns that have barrel threads of 14mm counterclockwise.

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