0.25g GoldenBall BIO 4000 BBs



0.25g GoldenBall BIO 4000 BBs per Bag - Biodegradable airsoft BBs
A relatively new arrival to the airsoft arena, Golden Ball BBs are produced out of China. These new comers are of surprisingly good quality for the price. Each BB has an high polish, high tolerance finish making them perfect for use in all upgraded AEGs, upgraded spring guns, and high end gas guns. The quality of these BBs also makes them a good choice for use in tightbore and other high tolerance barrels. The product is shipped in a resealable bag which helps protect the BBs and slows down the decomposition time line. Decomposition begins when the BBs are exposed to any combination of sun, water, or soil.

*Do not expose BBs to moisture and then attempt to fire them, they may jam in the barrel!!

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