0.40g Doge 2000 White BBs



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2016 new Silver Foil Pack edition arrived 6/2016. White premium 0.40 gram DOGE brand airsoft BBs. Each bag has 2000 count in them. These are pure white color, so they are highly visible when shooting, unlike brown, black, or other colored BBs out there. These 0.40g BBs is one of the heaviest white BBs out there, perfect for upgraded guns and sniper rifles.New and improved for 2016 - super polished and A+ quality for both
sniper rifles and Polarstar systems. Very white color and perfectly
smooth. We use Polarstar guns ourselves and recommend these BBs on the
field.*note: Due to the proprietary material used to make the BBs, they
are susceptible to moisture damage from long term exposure. Be sure to
squeeze out excess air and fully seal when not being used. BBs should keep fresh up to two months after opening.


WHITE .40 BBs.  Say no more!

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