11.1v 1600mAh 18650 Nunchuck Red Tiger Battery (LiPo)

Red Tiger


The 11.1v 1600mAh LiPo 18650 Nunchuck pack Red Tiger Battery is the best! A cylinder type of battery cell that can work in normal nun-chuck style guns and crane stocks. The 11.1v is a beast for crane stock M4 carbines! Works and takes up less space than your regular nunchuck 9.6v standard battery pack. Works in ALL crane-stocks, Combat Machine (G&G) guns, etc. Takes up less space in handguards that also use nunchuck packs. Very popular!Your choice of plug type: standard mini-Tamiya or T-Plug (Deans) - use drop-down menu to select option. If you're not sure which plug type to use, get the mini-Tamiya, which is the standard for all airsoft guns. The T-Plug is a custom configuration for advanced users only. Uses standard Lipo balance charger connection for charging. This a solid battery that will give you a ton of power and voltage for your gun.See Technical Specs Tab for warnings and charging information. Requires LiPo specific charger.