7.2v 500mAh Tokyo Marui Micro AEP Battery (NiMH) for AEP (Gold)

Tokyo Marui


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7.2v 500mah Tokyo Marui Micro AEP Battery (NiMH)
This battery has six cells in a custom pack configuration, made of Nickel Metal Hydride. This means several things in electrical and airsoft terms. The capacity on the battery is 500 mah, which translates into about 500 shots before it needs to be recharged. As the battery gets closer and closer to being drained, you will notice that the cycle speed will slow down as well. This is the best indication as to the battery needing to be recharged. The arrow on the connector side indicates how the battery should be oriented when installing it into the gun. Do not force it into position or damage may result!

Note: This battery is intended to work with the Tokyo Marui 18c, P8, or M93R AEPs. It will not work with the M7A1, Mac-10, and Scorpion AEPs.