7.4v 1000mAh Red Tiger Battery (LiPo)

Red Tiger


The 7.4v 1000mAh Red Tiger Battery (LiPo) - sub-Mini battery pack - one of our most popular Lipo pack because it fits so many guns!
Fits: KWA M4 Handguards, Classic Army Sig 552 Sportline, JG M4 S-System, MP5A4 Competition, ARX 160, Elite Force Tavor 21, HK G36C, HK 416C's PEQ Box, most PEQ boxes (including small ones), and most other guns that use a Mini sized or smaller.Your choice of plug type: standard mini-Tamiya or T-Plug (Deans) - use
drop-down menu to select option. If you're not sure which plug type to
use, get the mini-Tamiya, which is the standard for all airsoft guns.
The T-Plug is a custom configuration for advanced users only. See Technical Specs Tab for warnings and charging information. Requires LiPo specific charger.