9.6v 1600mAh Intellect Stick Battery (NiMH)



9.6v 1600mah Intellect Stick Battery (NiMH)
Constructed of Nickel Metal Hydride, this battery is a great purchase for the beginner or intermediate airsoft player. The chemistry of its construction makes it low maintenance and cheap on the pocket. The pack capacity of this battery is 1600 mah, which translates into about 1600 shots on a single charge. This battery can typically go through 300 charging cycles before losing efficiency and eventually becoming useless for airsoft skirmishing. Also it only requires discharging for the first 8 cycles of use, after that it can be topped off as needed. This battery will fit best in the Echo 1 AK74 CPM. Remember to recycle this battery instead of throwing it in the trash!