9.6v 1600mAh Red Tiger Nunchuck Battery (NiMH)

Red Tiger


9.6v 1600mah Red Tiger Nunchuk Battery (NiMH) - our most popular battery seller!
The Red Tiger brand battery, high quality for custom and advanced player use. Fits a myriad of AEGs! Will fit in handguards, most crane stocks, large stocks, PEQs, etc... Perfect for G&G guns (combat machine). Comes in your choice of plug type: standard mini-Tamiya or the new custom T-Plug (Deans) - use
drop-down menu to select option. If you're not sure which plug type to
use, get the mini-Tamiya, which is the standard for all airsoft guns.
The T-Plug is a custom configuration for advanced users only.Constructed of Nickel Metal Hydride, this battery is a great purchase for the intermediate to advanced airsoft player. The chemistry of its construction makes it low maintenance and cheap on the pocket. The capacity of this battery is 1600 mah, this translates into about 1600 shots before it needs to be recharged. This battery can typically go through 300 charging cycles before losing efficiency and eventually becoming useless for airsoft skirmishing. Also it only requires discharging for the first 8 cycles of use, after that it can be topped off as needed. This battery will fit in most crane stocks, but because of the smaller diameter of the cells it may rattle around a little bit. Great for G&G AEGs and will fit many others. Remember to recycle this battery instead of throwing it in the trash!
Note: If your battery is not recognized when attached to a "smart" charger, it has probably entered a super-drained state. Simply attach it to a "dumb" trickle charger for 30 minutes or so and this should fix the problem.This is one of our most popular batteries Airsoft Atlanta sells - highly recommended!

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