A&K Dragunov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle (Black Enhanced)



The Airsoft A&K Dragunov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle (Black) - Enhanced metal model (higher velocity at a crazy 475-500 FPS).
This is the Dragunov SVD sniper rifle faithfully reproduced by airsoft ninjas at A&K. It features authentic markings and adjustments, unparalleled "WOW" factor, and easy upgradeability. Instead of the producing an SVD based of the AK47 like the rest of the cloner nOObs out there, A&K made theirs using the unique Dragunov styling. The selector switch is only for safe and single shot. When in the safe position, the charging handle will not go far enough back to properly cock the spring nor will the rifle fire if pre-charged. Unlike other sniper rifles which require specific and sometimes proprietary springs in order to upgrade, you can use any available AEG. Just remember that with high velocity comes higher stress on the internals. Do not super upgrade your rifle without first strengthening the rest of the internals as necessary. Be warned, that the bolt is pretty hard to pull back - not for kids! Scope in picture is also not included, sold separately. The staff at Airsoft Atlanta highly recommends this sniper rifle as an excellent shooter for the most hardcore.NOTE: None of the current dragonuv scope mounts we sell fit this version.

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