A&K M249 MK2 AEG



The M249 MKII by A&K is a licensed replica of the Army's light squad level support weapon. Very much like the real steel, the M249 is capable of delivering a high volume of full auto fire to support, suppress, defend, or attack as needed.This version features a full metal lower receiver, feed tray cover, bipod, and barrel assembly. The rest of the rifle is very durable polycarbonate. The fixed sights are sturdy metal and are easy to use even for the most ambitious n00b. The mechbox is of a PGC design and as such can use most TM compatible parts for replacement or upgrade. This edition, like the others in the 249 series, comes with both the standard M16 hicap and a 2500 round high capacity drum mag. The drum mag runs off of a single 9 volt battery and the small switch on the bottom provides an auto-winding function. A small microphone in the feed adapter also winds the magazine by sound activation. During normal operation be careful using the carry handle or bipod. While they are useful in a pinch, be careful as they can succumb easily to continued abuse. The battery fits inside the buttstock of this rifle. Simply flip up the wire shoulder rest and slide off the plate, reverse order and you're done. Airsoft players love using this rifle for squad support functions. The high rate of fire makes it very formidable in a firefight! Box includes 2500 round box magazine, 9.6v mini battery, trickle battery charger.

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