Advanced Airsoft Sniper VSR10 - Starter Kit

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Advanced Sniper Package

Our Advanced Airsoft Sniper starter kit contains everything you need to get started playing airsoft for those that want to be a killer sniper!  Our advanced sniper player package has a pre-upgraded VSR-10 sniper rifle, safety gear, essential accessories, and ammo to get started.  The Sniper Rifle you receive will be pre-upgraded by our airsoft engineers with a variety of handpicked Action Army upgrade parts.  Your gun will shoot up to 650 FPS out of the box!  Please indicate if you want a different spring or FPS and we'll install this for you.  This is everything you need to get started as and advanced airsoft sniper!

***We can build this for you for no extra charge, including field testing, chrono, and making sure it's 100% AWESOME out of the box.  Default 150% spring and Black Bolt handle.  If you prefer a 170% or Silver bolt, please let us know in your order comments (or email us) - we'll adjust it for you.

 Advanced Sniper Kit includes:

Echo 1 PSR Sniper Rifle (JP88)

Action Army Zero Trigger VSR-10

Action Army VSR-10 Cylinder Kit

 Action Army VSR-10 Spring Guide

Action Army VSR-10 M150 Spring (570 w/.2's) or Action Army VSR-10 M170 Spring (650 w/.2's)

Action Army VSR-10 6.01mm 430mm Barrel

Action Army VSR-10 Hop Up Chamber

Maple Leaf Autobot Hop Up Bucking 70 Degree VSR/GBB

KM Head Buffer Rubber for Marui AEG

Action Army VSR-10 Bolt Handle - Black or Action Army VSR-10 Bolt Handle - Silver


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