Airsoft Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirt

Airsoft Atlanta

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The official Airsoft Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirt! Very high quality Gildan made T-Shirt, front and back designs professionally silkscreened by hand locally with the best inks possible. This isn't a crap iron-on shirt you get from Cafepress or something. Very high quality stuff here, which perfectly represents our company. Like Zombies and guns?! Then you'll love our shirt, it's got zombies being blown away on the back of it, with some blood on the front. It's important to note that these are slow zombies, not the 'fast' new fangled ones from modern flicks. Anways, you won't find this shirt at Hot Topic or on emo kids (unless they bought it from us). This is a limited edition urban apocalyptic zombie killer shirt only available here, until supplies last.

We've still got some white T-Shirts available. L-XXL only

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