Airsoft Cadet - AEG Starter Kit

Airsoft Atlanta

Cadet Package

Our Airsoft Cadet starter kit contains everything you need to get started playing airsoft on a budget.  Our basic bare-bones package has a field worthy gun, safety gear, and ammo to get started.  Great for all players, friends, parents, and those that just occasionally play.  Still a great starter kit for its low cost.

The basic Cadet Starter Kit includes:

Gun already includes a battery and charger.  Uses a 9.6v nun-chuck 1600 mah.  If you want a faster charger, add the Valken or Tenergy smart charger for $15-25 more.

We don't recommend electric guns that retail for below $99.  They are generally not very good, not built well, and break after some use, if not right out of the box.  Other retail companies may be selling sub-$100 AEGs, but they are usually garbage.  This Colt M4 is actually really well built for its low cost!  We approve!