Airsoft Captain - AEG Starter Kit

Airsoft Atlanta

Captain Package

Our Airsoft Captain  starter kit contains everything you need to get started playing airsoft for a reasonable price.  Our intermediate player package has a great G&G Combat Machine AEG gun, safety gear, essential accessories, and ammo to get started.  This is what we recommend for players that come into our retail-store and want a good player setup, without going crazy on the budget.  An excellent starter kit for new and experienced players alike.

The Captain Kit includes:

The G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider Long is a great starter gun for all fields.  Under the shooting FPS limit for most fields (generally 400 FPS and below), this gun is awesome!  Has a front rail system for future attachments.

The gun is paired with a battery and charger made to fit the Raider series, or any crane stock guns.  We recommend the .25g BBs, as they are fairly economical, yet have better range and accuracy over the .20g.  A single-point bungee sling for holding your gun on the field.  Simply attach the sling point on the rear of the gun.  The Scott Masks are awesome!  Very comfortable, safe, and fog resistant.  We highly recommend them.

Bonuses include the M4 hicap magazine, which is great to have as a spare.  Barrel socks are required at most fields, so we have one included in our starter kit.  And you will need a kill rag, so we included that as well.

Other optional accessories would be a rifle gun bag/case, more BBs, and tactical gear.