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One of our best selling products! Original airsoft Green Gas is comprised of propane, silicone oil and a fragrance. The Airsoft Innovations Gungas Propane Adaptor Kit provides users a cost effective alternative method to green gas for charging guns, and no hazmat fees when shipping.

Use of this adapter is accomplished by using a small Coleman-style portable propane gas cylinder found at most outdoor and hardware stores. (Note: This is not the large propane tank that is used with backyard barbecue grills.). Cans can be purchased readily at any hardware, outdoor, or Walmart store.

To use this kit, just place two drops of silicone oil in the neck of the portable propane gas cylinder, screw the adaptor onto the cylinder, flip it upside down and use it like you would a can of green gas! Its that easy! You are good to go for that mags next ten refills before you need to add more silicone oil. If you are going to fill another mag, you need to repeat the preceding for it. The silicone oil is used to combat the drying effect that propane (a petrochemical product) has on the rubber componentsnamely, the valves o-rings and hop-up. You can also drop oil directly into your gun's magazine valve to keep it lubed too.

To help you get started, this kit comes with an adaptor for portable propane gas cylinders, a bottle of silicone oil and a duster adaptor. The Duster Adaptor is for use with lower pressure gas cans (e.g., HFC134A, duster gas - aka Japanese gas guns) and those guns that require a gas pressure that is lower than propane. It can also be used as a repair tip for the propane adaptor or as an extension for those valves that require an extra long fill tip to reach, like on some WE pistols.

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