Amoeba Optics Angle Sight (Black)

Amoeba Optics


Amoeba Optics Angle Sight System is black in color. This thing is crazy - you can use it in conjunction with your existing scope or red dot, but in addition to viewing your scope as you normally would, you can view your scope from a side angle. This makes the angle sight system great for the urban combat environment. It allows for aiming and firing around corners or obstacles, without having to get into the line of fire. Its dual path optics allows the shooter to quickly transition from a concealed shot position to a standard aimed shot position without having to adjust anything. The angle sight may be fired from a prone, sitting, kneeling or standing position. It may be fired from a 90-degree angle by holding the weapon parallel to the shooter's shoulders with one hand on the fore grip and the other hand on the pistol grip.