Basic Airsoft Sniper - Starter Kit

Airsoft Atlanta

Basic Sniper Package

Our Basic Airsoft Sniper starter kit contains everything you need to get started playing airsoft for those that want to be a sniper!  Our basic sniper player package has a reliable airsoft spring sniper rifle, safety gear, essential accessories, and ammo to get started.  Field ready to go - no batteries or gas needed.  Sit back and watch the action from afar!

 Basic Sniper Kit includes:

 There are a lot of junk airsoft sniper rifles out for sale.  Recommended brands are JG, WELL, Tokyo Marui, and some others.  Echo 1 makes some really refined spring sniper rifles that are fantastic right out of the box!  The PSR shoots 500 FPS without any upgrades needed.  Add a scope, some heavy BBs, and safety gear to make it a complete package!  No batteries or gas required for spring rifles.