Classic Army FN Scar-L Sportline AEG (Black)*

classic army


The Classic Army FN SCAR-L Sportline AEG in black is a great
airsoft option for those that want to use the VERY common M4 style
magazines but don't want another M4. This rifle is fully licensed by FN
and is very solid right out of the box. The SCAR-L features a 6 position
stock with a 2 position cheek riser that allows for customizable
comfort. The stock can also be folded to the side for easier usage in
CQB or storage. Metal flip front and rear sights come standard. Top
rail is plastic, but the side rails are metal. The SCAR-L
is a great addition to anyone's airsoft armory. Every though it's a
"sportline" airsoft gun, this SCAR is built really nicely and looks
excellent too!The stock holds a standard mini sized battery, or
will also take a 9.6v nun-chuck battery as well. Please note, that
battery and charger are not included with this gun.SCAR uses standard M4 low or hicap magazines. Gun package includes one 300-round hicap.

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