Cybergun FN P90 Tactical AEG



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The FN P90 by Cyma (AEG). Cyma has made a faithful and beautiful airsoft version of this gun, fully licensed by FN. This airsoft P90 gun shoots just under 400 fps and includes a battery, charger and mid-capacity magazine. Uses standard Marui P90 parts, mags, accessories.A compact way to deliver firepower to the battlefield, the AEG P90 features a tri-rail system on the front and is best paired with one of our red dot sights, a flashlight, and a laser. This gun can do it all for CQB. Package includes custom 9.6v 1100mah mini battery, trickle charger, and 68 round mag.

note: 9.6v 1100mah mini is what comes with this gun, but you can use an 8.4v mini, 7.4v lipo 2200 mah, or possibly a 9.6v nunchuck (insert backwards, it's a very tight fit, not really recommended, but will possibly work if you're careful).

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