Cyma CM028 AK-47 Fullstock AEG (Faux Wood)



Cyma CM028 AK-47 Fullstock AEG (Faux Wood)
Back to life on the airsoft field; the Cyma AK-47 had disappeared for a time, but now it's back better than ever! This rifle features all the traditional traits found on the regular Tokyo Marui based AK-47 AEG. It has a full length barrel, and a fixed position full size buttstock, making it perfect for medium to long distance target acquisition. The lower receiver and receiver tray cover are plastic. The stock, motor grip, and handguard are a great looking fake wood. The barrel assembly is a light weight metal, as is the included high capacity magazine.The included hicap magazine holds 600 rounds, and there are plenty of aftermarket magazines available too (standard AK mags will work). The battery compartment is located in the buttstock of the rifle and it is really easy to install. Just push down firmly on the top of the stock plate and slide it down. Install the battery into the exposed space and close it up when you're done! This gun is perfect for beginners!

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