Cyma M4 350-Round Hicap AEG Magazine



Cyma M4 and M16 350 round Hicap AEG Magazine. A very standard M4 magazine that will fit ALL M4 / M16 / AR platform airsoft guns.
High capacity magazines are the favorite magazine for airsoft players. High capacity (Hicap) magazines usually hold 150 rounds or more. These magazines work using a tensioned mainspring (similar to a mechanically wound timepiece) or an electrically driven feeding gear. The advantage of these magazines is the simple fact that they are able to hold a great many BBs. Most beginner or intermediate AEGs come with a high capacity magazine. The distinguishing feature of Hicap magazines is the teeth of the star wheel visible on the bottom of the mag. Simply wind the wheel until a more audible clicking noise is heard and it is more difficult to spin the wheel. Speedloaders are not needed with this type of magazine, just a big bag of BBs and funnel to direct their flow. The Cyma M4 450-round magazine is slightly longer than other M4 mags. It fits all M4 guns and tactical gun pouches.

*Note: This magazine is more susceptible to damage from poor quality BBs and FOD (Foreign Objects or Debris). Be sure to use BBs of good quality in this magazine.

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