DBoys M4 M3181AB AEG w/ Grenade Launcher (Plastic Gearbox)*



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DBoys M3181AB AEG w/ Grenade Launcher (Plastic Gearbox). This is a copy of a M4A1 carbine with the M203 grenade launcher.

NOTE:This gun is intended for prop and cosplay use. We make no guarantees in regards to its performance or function. No warranty on this product.This is really a cool looking gun! It's literally perfect for cosplay use, as you can mount the grenade launcher on (plus a bunch of other milspec accessories), and it's lightweight for use. It's all very solid and 1:1 scale. Looks very realistic!The gun package includes a myriad of customizable accessories. Front RIS grip, M203 grenade launcher, Crane Stock, M4 stock, rail covers, RIS front handguard, PEQ-box (to store the battery), 1 hicap mag, 1 midcap mag, battery, charger, sling, speedloader, and some misc tools and parts not shown in the picture.The M203 is not a gas system; it's a spring powered "gun" by itself. It's not that exciting. The gun itself is a low powered AEG with a plastic gearbox (version 2). Shoots 200 FPS w/.20 BBs. Again, we don't recommend this gun for new players or for airsoft play.Again, it has a plastic gearbox design, so we make zero guarantees for its airsoft use. Sold only as a prop. No returns or warranty for its function.

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