Echo 1 PSR Sniper Rifle VSR-10 (JP-88)

Echo 1


Echo 1 PSR Sniper Rifle VSR10 (JP-88). Bolt-action spring sniper rifle that uses standard VSR parts for upgrades and customization. 515 FPS w/.20. right out of the box (using our chrono). Uses Tokyo Marui VSR or PSR magazines.Compared to the JG BAR-10, the Echo 1 PSR is a much better rifle platform in our opinion. Its build quality, easy of pulling the bolt back, and overall ease of use is superior. The fact it shoots 485 - 515 FPS out of the box means you don't have to spend a lot more money on upgrade parts either.The PSR is a pre-upgraded beast of a sniper rifle right out of the box. It's pretty rare to get a high quality 500+ FPS rifle that's reliable like this for its price. We sell a lot of them in our store-front, due to its pure awesomeness. Be sure to get some .30+ weight BBs for best results.Overall, it's probably the 2nd best gun to an actual Tokyo Marui VSR-10 original.The PSR is also a great platform to build up with Action Army VSR upgrade parts. The new Wolverine BOLT HPA system will also be a drop-in kit for the PSR rifle.

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