G&G Combat Machine RK47 AEG - Faux Wood



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G&G Combat Machine RK47 AEG (Faux Wood)
The G&G RK-47 "Combat Machine" style is an economy version of the more expensive big brother rifle, but performs quite well for the price. This rifle is made in Taiwan (not China!!) and it's much better quality. The exterior is very solid, yet still a little on the light side. The lower receiver, receiver cover, and some of the barrel assembly are metal and the rest are high quality plastic. The stock, motor grip, and forearm are all very realistic look faux wood. A great alternative to the JG and Echo 1 AEGs on the market and G&G quality!

This rifle comes with a G&G RK47 80 round mid capacity magazine, but there are tons of replacement high capacity magazines that can hold 600 rounds or more! Takes all standard AK accessories and upgrade parts as well. Features Metal hop up unit, reinforced G&G Mechbox and improved Stock with increased battery room! Airsoft players love this gun for the great performance at an affordable price!

Note: Does not include battery or charger (uses 9.6v 1600 nun-chuck style battery and smart charger) or other types in its stock.

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