G&G CQB-S Mini AEG - Desert Tan / Black (COMBO)



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One of the latest guns from G&G, the CQB-S Mini
is perfect for indoor fields and other close quarters playing. Unlike
most of G&G's current offerings, this is a two-tone rifle, and the
color mixture is easy and pleasing to the eye. The CQB-S is made of
polymer which keeps this rifle nice and lightweight. It features
G&G's pneumatic blow-back system for added realism. In the box you
will find a 120 round mid capacity magazine with an extended follower,
which will feed EVERY BB, four rail ladders, a basic smart charger, and a 9.6v nunchuk battery.COMBO package
includes battery and smart charger (9.6v NiMH nunchuk battery;
smart charger that takes a 2-3 hours to charge the battery -
automatically stops charging when battery is full)