G&G GC4 G26 A1 AEG - Black



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G&G M4 GC4 G26 A1 AEG - Black - Airsoft Gun - with full metal body. Very limited edition!The GR4 G26 Airsoft G&G Gun with the metal body is one the most unique M4 series AEGs that we sell. With the M4 carbine length barrel and adjustable stock, this rifle works best in medium to long distance engagements. The buffer tube, barrel assembly, rear sight tower, Rail Interface System, and magazine are all highly durable aluminum alloy and steel.

The mechbox has been factory upgraded with zinc gears, 8mm bearings, high tension spring, and a 25000 rpm Hi-torque long axis motor. The lower full metal receiver features an engraved G&G logo for easy identification and a sling adapter has thoughtfully been added to the buffer tube for easy sling mounting. The standard multi-position telescoping stock has been replaced with a telescoping crane-style stock and the standard pistol grip replaced with an ergonomic model.As if this airsoft gun couldn't get any cooler, the forward assist actually functions as a piston reset button. No more worries about lost spring tension! Additionally, the rifle features a hide away folding front sight, aggressive attack style flash hider, reinforced trigger guard and skeltonized charging handle. The rifle comes with the standard G&G high capacity 450 round magazine and there are plenty of other replacements available.

The battery compartment is located inside the crane stock of the rifle and can be difficult to install the first couple of times. It is accessed by pinching the two tabs on the underside of the stock plate and pull of the plate itself. Once that is done the battery cells can be installed in the appropriate tubes for an accurate fit. Airsoft players rave about the comfortable feel and unparalleled functionality of this rifle. Good for beginners, intermediate and advanced players!!!

Note: Does not include battery or charger (uses 9.6v 1600 nun-chuck style battery and smart charger)