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The RK103 EVO CRANE AEG by G&G Armament is just about as authentic as it gets. Made in Taiwan, this rifle is built with superb craftsmanship and is a great alternative and better quality than similar rifles built in China. The lower receiver, receiver cover, barrel assembly, and magazine are very durable aluminum alloy and steel composites. The stock, motor grip, and forearm are a nylon, fiberglass, and plastic composition that are durable to all but the most vicious abuse. The mechbox has been factory upgraded with zinc gears, high tension spring, 6 mm bearings, and a 25000 rpm Hi-torque short axis motor. The included magazine is G&G's standard 600 round high capacity magazine and there are plenty of replacements available. The battery compartment is located in the stock and is accessed by removing the two screws holding the butt plate on. Whether your goal is to lead the resistance or protect the motherland, the RK103 EVO is ready for any fight.

Note: Does not include battery or charger.