H&K M27 IAR AEG Rifle (VFC, Umarex Licensed)



In 2005 the Marine Corps realized a need for a more maneuverable rifle that is still capable of delivering the volume of fire the M249 was able to sustain, H&k Answered with the M27 IAR. The H&k M27 IAR (Infantry Automatic Rifle) was originally designed to replace the M249 as the Marine's main automatic support weapon. The M27 is based off the H&k 416 but features a longer barrel and rail system but still features the 416's short stroke gas piston system. The H&k M27 is fully licensed by Umarex and is manufactured by VFC. The M27 is extremely well made and it features VFC's high grade version 2 gearbox. This rifle is great for those looking to complete their U.S. marine kit, or for those looking for a unique gun that stand out from the standard M4. The stock features a battery compartment that will fit most 9.6v NIMH nuncucks, and 7.4v stick or nunchuck style LIPOs however it does not fit our RedTiger 11.1v stick lipos. Note: Does not include battery or charger

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