H&K Umarex G36C AEG



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The H&K G36C Umarex Airsoft Gun AEG is a great mid-range G36c AEG, perfect for most airsoft players wanting a G36 style gun. Very solid, reliable, and one of our better selling guns. FPS limit is good for most airsoft fields, while ensuring long-term reliability. Full metal gearbox, gears, and quality internal components so it'll last many years of playing (this is NOT the plastic gearbox version, as we do not sell anything with a cheap plastic gearbox). Folding rear stock, rails for attachments (add your own scope), etc. Lots of cool stuff!

These are licensed Elite Force Brand guns from Umarex with full Heckler & Koch logos. The package includes a battery and charger to get you on the field playing fast.

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