Hexmag 120-Round Midcap AEG Magazine (5-Pack, Dark Earth)



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Hexmag 120-Round Midcap AEG Magazine (5-Pack, Dark Earth). These are for use with ALL M4 airsoft AEG guns.
Licensed by Hexmag
A Superior Grip is achieved with Hex Patented hexagon surface pattern
Duraable high strength nylon ppolymer body constructed similar as the real steel counter part
Enchaced realibility and improved feeding with the use of high tension steel spring
Hexagon pattern greatly improved grip
Lightweight and Very customizable
Easy to clean
HexID color id system allows the user to color code mags for different use
Mid capacity magazines generally hold between 80 and 150 rounds. They use the same mechanism that low capacity magazines use, except they are able to hold more BBs. They use a long serpentine spring wound through a channel to hold and then push the BBs out. They are a very simple design and less prone to failure than hicaps. Midcaps are useful in that they dont rattle like hicaps, but hold more BBs than lowcaps. Mid capacity magazines are the favorite of advanced airsoft players since they tend to test their aiming and trigger control abilities. The easiest way to load these magazines is with a speedloader.

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