HPA Valve Adapter for WE Gas Mags (CQB Russian)



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The HPA Valve Adapter for WE style, which is a LOT of mags, Gas Magazines is made by CQB Russian. Convert your airsoft gas mags to use HPA external air tanks with this mag valve replacement part. Works in the following: Compatible
Brands: HFC, KJW, WE, works on KJW 1911 Hi Capa, co2,WG, G&P Woc,
WE mags, VFC M&P, Umarex Walter ppq Socom Gear, CQB Master, M9,
Dark Hawk, G-series, SIG P226, P229, HI-CAPA, 1911, SCAR, M4, P08, PDW,
G39, M14 and other compatible models following the WE main stream Gas
Blowback system magazines. Does not work with KWA or Marui mags, as we have these sold separately.
To use, simply unscrew the bottom gas-insert valve on your gas magazine, install new HPA adapter in its place.