IWI UZI Gas Blowback SMG (CO2, by KWC)*

Elite Force


The IWI UZI Gas Blowback SMG by KWC is one of the most feared guns that can wreak havoc on any airsoft field or CQB scenerio. The UZI is one of the most iconic sub machine guns manufactured by the Israel Military Industries. Due to the compact size, the IWI UZI is able to have the rate of fire of an automatic in a very small package. This airsoft gun replica of the original Uzi also features a realistic blowback using CO2 instead of green gas. Folding stock, all metal, and a blast to shoot! Requires CO2 cartridges, sold separately (pickup at Walmart, etc)*notice California customers: shipping to CA requires us to add tape
markings to your gun per SB199 law. We will have to open the clamshell
packaging in order to do this.

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