Knight's Armament KAC QDC CQB Barrel Extension



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Knight's Armament KAC QDC Barrel Extension faux suppressor for your airsoft gun. A great licensed product for airsoft. CCW threaded for use on 14mm barrels.

MadBull Made - The QDC CQB faux suppressor is great for enhancing your airsoft rifles realism and short CQB profile. The QDC CQB suppressor is unique because of its quick detach mechanism that is true to the real steel versions form factor and function. Does not actually silencer or reduce the sound of your airsoft gun. Do not put on a real gun. Length: 4.78"
Weight: 13.2oz.
Color: Black
Thread Size: 14mm Counter Clock Wise (Negative)

Quick Disconnect Couplings for Barrel Extension
Multiple ball-bearing for a solid quick detach system
Flash Hider with clock-wise and counter clock wise twist function
Simple Twist mechanism for attach and detach
Official KAC licensed product

Box contents:

1 x KAC QDC CQB Airsoft Barrel Extension
1 x KAC QDC 3 Prong Flash Hider