Kong Power NiMH & LiPo Battery Charger

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The Kong Power NiMH & LiPo Airsoft Battery Charger. This little smart charger by KongPower is a fantastic value. It will charge nearly every battery used in airsoft guns including lipos, NiMh, and NiCd. It plugs into your home's 120V outlet, or if you find yourself with a dead battery in the middle of a game day, you can take it to the field and connect it to your car's battery with the included adapter! It is super easy to operate: simply plug in the charger, select the correct mode (NiMh / NiCd, Lipo, or LiFe) by holding down the "start / stop" button, then plug in your battery.Important Notice: The AC wall outlet plugs must be plugged in with its positive side in correctly. If the charger isn't working, just unplug and flip it around, and plug back in again. This should fix any issues. The DC converter is sensitive to the polarity of the plugs (not US made obviously). This will help solve any Kong Power charger issues.

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