KWA ATP-Auto (Adaptive Training Pistol) GBB



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KWA ATP-Auto - Same great features as the original ATP's (Adaptive Training Pistol) semi-fire, but with select fire capability. Semi- or Full-Auto, your choice. Uses green gas and has full blowback action.

The ATP-Auto is built using strong aluminum components, such as the slide and barrel, that provide strength and reliability. To reduce weight and increase ergonomics, the full metal internals are housed inside a durable polymer lower frame. Overall, the full-auto airsoft pistol has proven itself to be accurate and powerful while maintaining a high level of gas efficiency The ATP is designed to replicate the functionality of a standard police issue, therefore it provides a cost effective training solution for Law Enforcement, military, and contractors alike. A major draw to the ATP is that it is compatible with popular duty and tactical holsters like the Blackhawk SERPA (fits Glock 17 holsters) and its family of accessories. A crazy airsoft hand-cannon that has KWA reliability.


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