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KWA KM4 KR12 AEGThe KeyMod universal interface system is a new innovation in the
firearm industry used for weapon ergonomics and mounting tactical
accessories. The KeyMod design was developed by VLTOR Weapons Systems
and was open to the public domain by Noveske Rifleworks for all
manufacturers to use.
KWA recognizes the benefits of this new design which allows for a
wide range of accessory flexibility and weight reduction when compared
to traditional quad rail systems and are proud to announce the KR KeyMod
Weapons Platform. The KR series have been produced in several different
lengths to accomodate a variety of needs.The internals have been factory upgraded with a reinforced mechbox, hardened steel gears, high tension spring, high density piston, and Hi-torque/ Hi-speed motor. Because of all the reinforcement, KWA rifles are able to handle up to an 11.1v Li-Po battery, however a MOSFET is still suggested for safer operation. The rifle comes with a KWA 120 round mid-capacity magazine and there are plenty of replacements available. The battery compartment is located inside the crane stock of the rifle and can be difficult to install the first couple of times. First pinch the two tabs located directly underneath the stock plate and remove the plate. Slide the cells into the appropriate tubes making sure that the wires are correctly oriented and not in any pinch points. Once everything is properly positioned, close it back up and you're ready to go. Airsoft players love this rifle for it's incredible "out-of-box" performance and great durability!

Note: Does not include battery or charger

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