Multicam Tactical Pants by Vertx



The Multicam Tactical Pants by Vertx are great low profile pants for the battlefield. Very high quality stitching and design went into each pair produced, with official Multicam.The 50% nylon rip-stop and 50% cotton fabric is very comfortable, yet durable and breathable too. The waistband has a little bit of stretch to it, to ensure a tight, yet comfortable fit. The pockets are seamed from the inside, so you don't have bulky pockets sticking out from the sides. The crotch area is gusseted for extra flex and mobility while running, squatting, or dodging fire. The pockets are reinforced so you can clip a knife on with less wear and tear. The lower pants are all boot-cut (or hem down if needed). Waist sizes come in 28 - 40 sizes; inseam (pant length) is 30 - 34. Some sizes are not available, so please call us if you have a specific size you need. Inseams of 34 are easily hemmed down to a 30-32 at a local alterations shop, or simply tuck into your boots or fold for use if too long.