Ninja Aluminum Tank SLP (62/3000)



The Ninja Aluminum Tank (62/3000) with the SLP Regulator (Standard SLP regulator edition) has a capacity of 62 cubic inches and is rated up to 3000 PSI. This tank also includes a Standard SLP regulator for greater compatibility with HPA airsoft components. This tank is highly recommended for all HPA engines. Not for use in the Tippmann. The aluminum tanks weighs a little more than the carbon fiber, but its price is much lower. This is a very solidly built tank that we highly recommend for new HPA users.Please note: The difference between this Ninja tank and the other 62/3000 is its PSI output. This is a SLP version, meaning you can use all regulators with this system. You cannot use this tank with the Tippmann, as it requires the 800 PSI (please use the other non-SLP if you get a Tippmann). The SLP is the most common version we sell.