Ninja Grey Carbon Fiber Tank SLP (90/4500)



The Ninja Grey Ghost 90/4500 Carbon Fiber Tank (Standard SLP regulator edition) has a capacity of 90 cubic inches and is rated up to 4500 PSI. This tank also includes a Standard SLP regulator for greater compatibility with HPA airsoft components. This tank is highly recommended for all HPA engines. Not for use in the Tippmann.Please note: The difference between this Ninja tank and the other 90/4500 is merely its regulator. There's three versions: Standard (800 PSI, for Tippmann or regulators that can handle this high pressure); SLP standard (this tank); or the SLP PRO V2 ($20 more expensive and not really required for airsoft use, but has a slightly higher refresh rate and some other perks). The standard SLP is perfectly fine for your setup. The PRO V2 is usually used for players that mount the tanks on their paintball guns, as it swivels into place.