Ninja LPR HPA Regulator*



Updated August 2016 - This is the unofficial V2 edition with a much
higher refresh rate. This version can handle extremely high ROF HPA
setups now (30+ RPS) with no refresh issues. Rebuilt and redesigned for
you crazy Polarstar F1 tweakers.The Ninja LPR Regulator is a stand alone regulator without the airline. For use with Polarstar and Wolverine systems - along with any kind of HPA air tank (SLP and regular Paintball).The LPR regulator is unique in that it doesn't require a SLP tank to use. It can use both regular SLP HPA and high pressure (800 PSI) paintball tanks alike! The incoming pressure can be up to 1000 PSI. The LPR system then reduces this pressure down to acceptable levels for use in airsoft engines like Polarstar, Wolverine, etc.Use this if you already have a QD air hose line ready to go or a custom hose.