Nuprol 4.0 Black Gas 10.5oz Can



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Nuprol 4.0 Black Gas 10.5oz Can. This is very high quality green gas for use in your airsoft gas guns. For sale in-store only (cannot ship). More powerful than green gas, for extreme cold weather/winter use. Use with caution. We don't recommend this for use in Marui or Japanese guns.

Nuprol 4.0 Gas is mixed for
higher performance than regular Green Gas.Optimized for Gas Rifle
systems in Cold Weather Conditions.Contains Silicone Lubricant
that helps lubricate your weapon system as it functions.Nuprol Gas is non corrosive
to the plastic and rubber parts of your gun. New CFC free formula reduces
the hazardous effects on the environment.Optimized for use between 39F
(3.9C) and 59F (15C)Do not store this gas above 77F
(25C) for extended periods of time.Nuprol Black Gas 4.0 is
optimized for all metal rifle systems in cold weather conditions.
Using this gas during warm weather (above 59F) can cause the pressure to
exceed the limits of your weapon system.

We cannot ship green gas to regular consumers, due to excessive shipping costs and HAZMAT fees with the DOT. If you are a government agency (police department, etc), we can ship gas by the case (12 cans per case) at a set rate. Please call us to arrange a departmental bulk order. For regular airsoft players, we sell the green gas in-store (Atlanta) only. We also sell online Propane Adapter Kits that are a great alternative to green gas use.