Propper A-TACS Boonie (FG)



ATACS Boonie hat in foliage green

Ever since the launch of the original A-TACS Camo Pattern, people have been asking for a green variant of the pattern. The easy answer would have been to create a simple re-color of the existing pattern and release it as a green variant. Taking that approach may have been easier and faster however, it would not have been the correct way to create an effective temperate climate pattern. The characteristic environmental elements and shapes found in greener, more temperate settings needed to be addressed.

The answer was found in the creation of an entirely new pattern based on the A-TACS Camos unique pattern within a pattern concept. The addition of simulated depth was also necessary in order to add visual disruption to further break up the human silhouette.

Utilizing numerous shades of green sampled directly from a variety of forested and transitional terrain elements combined with various shades of earth, A-TACS FG Camo was developed to be effective in a wide range of temperate environments.

In use by the US Military since the Vietnam War, the Boonie hat has proven itself useful for providing shade and camouflage. Equipped with "branch loops," the user can insert local foliage into the hat itself to provide additional natural concealment. The attached chin strap provide extra security making sure you don't loose your cover.

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