PTS Battlecomp 1.0 Flashhider (CCW)



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Battlecomps are among the best rifle muzzle devices available in
today's market and certainly one of the most well-known and popular
muzzle devices. Whereas muzzle brake compensators control rifle recoil
extremely well, it is achieved at the expense of reduced flash reduction
and very highly concussive shockwave around the muzzle device versus
normal flash hiders. Although you can accomplish rapid but accurate
multiple shots onto your target with a muzzle brake, the enhanced flash
signature and concussion can make a muzzle brake detrimental for
lowlight/night combat shooting as well as close proximity shooting with
teammates and in confined spaces. The Battlecomp blends the functions
of both muzzle brakes and flash hiders by providing the best balance of
recoil reduction with only a slight compromise in flash reduction and
concussion to create the best battle ready rifle compensator on the
market. PTS BattleComp muzzle devices are the highest quality
and most accurate Battlecomp replicas on the market. They are made from
heat treated steel alloy bar stock with a scratch and blemish resistant
black oxide finish. A crush washer and shim kit are included to ensure
proper alignment of the muzzle device onto your airsoft rifle.
This airsoft product is manufactured under authorized Battlecomp
license. Battlecomp logo and brand names are trademarks of Battle Comp
Enterprises, LLC in the United States and/or other countries.
The PTS BattleComp 1.0 is an accurate reproduction of the original and
still most popular BattleComp 1.0. The PTS airsoft replica is available
in counterclockwise 14mm threading.