PTS Masada Gas Blowback Rifle (KWA)



The Magpul PTS Masada is an airsoft GBBR (Gas BlowBack Rifle) and is the most authentic replica of the Masada on the market. It features all the details and modularity of the actual Masada including fully ambidextrous fire controls and tool-less rapid disassemble body components. The rifle can be rapidly reconfigured for length and stock type with basic or no tools.
Precision machined and engineered, the PTS Masada GBB is the perfect gun for the airsoft or gun enthusiast who desires realistic firearms manipulation, the reliability of PTS training products, quality design, and authenticity in experience.
The Masada carbine configuration has been especially setup for mobility and versatility in any situation and features a 14.5 length barrel and folding stock.Compatible with KWA LM4 (M4) gas magazines or PTS Masada gas magazines. Uses green gas. Be sure to apply silicone oil on moving parts and its mags seals every once in awhile for perfect operation.