Revision Asian Locust Goggles Kit (Black)



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Revision Asian Desert Locust Goggles Kit - Black color. Great for airsoft use, as you get a perfect seal around Asian faces. If you have an issue with standard mask shapes not fitting properly, and open gaps, this is a great goggles set! Combine it with a lower mesh mask for full-face protection. Designed as the ultimate protective eyewear, the Asian Locust Goggle is engineered for Asian face morphology and builds upon the Desert Locusts unmatched ability to protect soldiers eyes. The Asian Locust combines the high-impact protection of the Desert Locust lenses with a perfect facial and helmet fit, balancing the soldiers need for comfort with well-sealed eye protection. The high performance OcuMax coating prevents fogging and scratching to ensure clear vision while the optically correct goggle lens is engineered to maximize field-of-view and provide unprecedented visual clarity. A very comfortable goggle set by Revision.

Essential Kit: Includes Goggle Frame, Clear and Solar Lenses, Anti-Reflective Sleeve, Microfiber Cloth and Storage Case